Ballerinas and curls

What do ballerinas and curls have in common? Is it the twist that they do? Could it be the fact that they can both allonge? What is it that ballerinas and curls have in common? Well, it's simple - ME!!!! Today, I wore a top from H&M which was filled with dancing ballerinas, and my... Continue Reading →

Rules to and of the S.L.U.R.

Do you understand the S.L.U.R.? Do you know the rules? Do you realize how much power, strength and uniqueness being a S.L.U.R. Queen gives you? Let's get started. I live my life by a simple motto: I'm here to be UniquelyNessa. I'm me and I am I. There's no one else who can do me... Continue Reading →

Why I couldnt resist….

when it's good; it's good. Ever had it so good that you are bazoodied by it? You know, bazoody, the island word for being in a state of retardation when you are drunk off something? Well, ahem. I saw it and I became BAZOODIED. And by all that is holy, I wanted it. So I... Continue Reading →

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