Why I couldnt resist….

when it’s good; it’s good. Ever had it so good that you are bazoodied by it? You know, bazoody, the island word for being in a state of retardation when you are drunk off something?

Well, ahem. I saw it and I became BAZOODIED. And by all that is holy, I wanted it. So I did what no sane woman who has it all would do; I took that chance. I live on the edge, but I live.  I’m a firm believer of following my dreams, of living life, of laughing, of loving; and so, I chose to get drunk.

And this is not all, there’s a whole lot more to tell. There’s a whole lot more to tell. So much more…

So I ask you, do you want the hear the story of how I became bazoody?

But until I decide to spill, get yourself a frontline ticket and sign up to read my blog posts. Rest assured, this one won’t disappoint.

In the meantime….here’s some weekend S.L.U.R. Action


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