Rules to and of the S.L.U.R.

Do you understand the S.L.U.R.?

Do you know the rules?

Do you realize how much power, strength and uniqueness being a S.L.U.R. Queen gives you?

Let’s get started.

I live my life by a simple motto: I’m here to be UniquelyNessa. I’m me and I am I. There’s no one else who can do me as good as I can. Therefore, it’s pointless trying to be anyone else. Thus, I have created myself and my brand.

When I started, it was all about my love of fashion and makeup. As I started to write, people’s responses and interest allowed me to realized that my words and my style have an impact. And so, I decided to just do the unique things that make my style work.

I love fashion and it helps express myself as I see fit. I’m not shy and my choices in outfit pretty much reflect that. Although, sometimes i may just style in something that’s currently trend, I’m not one to simply follow the trend. But whatever the case maybe, i believe that everyone can have style, can be fashionable and can do it within their means.

In doing so, I follow the basic tips:

  • I shop within my pocket
  • I never buy anything relating to fashion at regular price
  • I make it a point of duty to familiarize myself with store clerks, cashiers, the people who sell to me. I offer them free promotion in return for discounts, first dibs on new stock etc
  • I always buy what I like; and not what’s in style per say

These se are just a few things I’ve learnt along my journey. As fashion changes daily, it is almost always impossible to keep up. Thus, it’s important that you know not just your style, but your body style and make up. You need to know what colours compliment you and which don’t.

There is a Caribbean saying that not all fashion is style!

And that’s the truth. Not all things fashionable maybe your style, nor will they fit you as a person and or your personality.


The most important advice Whig I can offer is know who you are, what your personality says about you; and let that be your definition of your style.


xoxoxoxo Nystars



Here’s to a lol casual look which can easily transition into a lunch date, movie night or even dinner date.


Its all all about personal style

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