Ballerinas and curls

What do ballerinas and curls have in common? Is it the twist that they do? Could it be the fact that they can both allonge? What is it that ballerinas and curls have in common?

Well, it’s simple – ME!!!!

Today, I wore a top from H&M which was filled with dancing ballerinas, and my hair was au natural. Today, both my curls and ballerinas seem to have been, amongst other things, allonge.

Weirdly, I decided to embark on my new look as a way to transition into Fall. I did the big chop, again. However, this time, I’m pretty sure that it will remain that way. I do really feel free and unrestricted. I can perhaps now do the allegro, the cabriole, the pas de chat, or perhaps, the pas de ciseaux. I can do these things freely, with no hindrances, not time wondering whether my hair would hold me back. Now, my short natural locks are perfect.

So, now that Fall is here, and yes, that means time to get out the fall pieces: scarves, boots, blazers, hats (I guess that’s for the rest of the population, as I have been rocking these all season), I have to practice being as free as the ballerinas I wore today. And the one thing which I look forward to bracing as I S.L.U.R. are headscarves. I can’t wait to rock the traditional African and black headwraps. Yeah, I’m ready to put the S.L.U.R. touch to them.

So, as I enjoy dancing ballerinas and my natural curls. What about you? What major transition are you bringing to into Fall?


In the meantime, check out my dancing ballerinas and my natural curls below.


Enjoy the S.L.U.R and join the movement!!!



S.L.U.Q. Queen – Style Like UR Rich






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