Who the cap fits…let her wear it!

I say, you were supposed to hold me down, but you are a clown all around. I say who, who, who??? Don’t need the answer too. Cause I know, you know…that even Jesus broke bread with Judas.

So, when your friends run their mouths, you just put on the various caps and say…when the cap fit, you will wear it; when the cap fits; you must wear it.

And I’m singing that song, as I’m dragging along. But the reality is, all caps won’t fit. They say he say she say, is always a lie. But sometimes the friend you drink with can be the one the cap fits.

Be wary of the cycle. All things come around full circle. There are 365 days a year, 12 months, 52 weeks – it goes round and round. There’ll be good days and there’ll be bad days. There’ll be days when you need umbrellas, there’ll be days when you need sunglasses. Days when you let your hair down, days when you need caps. Today was one of those days.

So, riddle me this riddle me that: which cap fits best with my all black?

My outfit was all about my mood – dark, controlled and contrived.


Hold on to your cap
What’s your preference


Don’t let your cap slip
Still the same
Holding and tipping
Let the true skin show




Tell me what you think....

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