Did a “shamay” end in murder?

Yesterday was the hardest day yet. Since dealing with these deaths and murder I haven’t really found the time to simply crash and burn. Seeing your face plastered all over the news, social media,  responding to reporter questions, getting contacted by the media and receiving all the “I’m sorry” has left me depleted. I went... Continue Reading →

Was he killed by the black widow…

There is something to be said about the way news travels in the small islands. I never realized how grateful I would be for that until one week ago. Over the last two years, I have heard many stories, but the one thing no one knew is the consistency in the stories and the main... Continue Reading →

3 deaths, 1 murder….

This doesn't happen in real life. I guess, in the real life of people I know, in the real life of friends, of family. I'd never have thought that this would happen in my real life; in my life. This is the thing I live for, the types of stories that I watch, my favourite... Continue Reading →

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