The wrong turn

It’s ok to turn your back. Life doesn’t end. Instead, you may just find the clarity which you need to define your life and your purpose.

By all accounts, I’m blessed; not lucky, blessed. I have had my share of life occurrences which have tested my faith, not in God, but in mankind.

Sometimes things happen and you get to see the true colours of the world. Some people’s reflections become more prominent and with all my vulnerabilities exposed, I was able to look in the mirror and see all the imperfections. Not just mine, but theirs.

And that is when my life took a wrong turn. But did it really? Is branching out at a crossroad such a bad thing? Can I walk my path alone knowing that my world is not just black and white?

I’ve looked in the mirror. I see memories. I see fun, joys, laughter. I see pain. Lately, I see way more betrayal and pain than anything else. I see an evil reflecting back at me, that which I was too naive to see.

I see greed; envy; pride; stupidity; lust; jealousy. When the mirror of life is cracked and the rays are pushing through, there is a darkness which seeps through and it permeates the good.

When life comes to a crossroad, what path would you choose? The road less traveled or the one looking forlorn?

When my life took a different turn, I discovered betrayal and deceit. I lost a friendship that I’ve been grappling to save. But in the end, it became too late. Selfish need and self preservation took over.

The wrong turn became the one I needed and in the process I discovered honesty, trust, friendship and loyalty.

If a woman can’t speak up in the face of wrong, she doesn’t deserve your presence at her table.

Go ahead, walk around that bend; the wrong turn may just be the best of what is to come.

I did it. And I’m not lucky; just blessed.

Outfit details:

Jeans  – New Look

Top – New Look

Leather Jacket – a special someone

Shoes – Aldo – Stessy – these are hands down my most favourite pair of Aldo shoes. I have them in absolutely all colours.

Purse – Aldo



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