Follow Fashion Monkey is not a trend

Hey fashionnystars,

Here’s a bit of advice from the SLUR Queen. In life, we all have a box of crayons to work with. Some of us prefer one set of colours to the rest. Some of us are colour blind and as such can’t differentiate. It’s all good. The key lesson is that we are all given a box of crayons by which we can choose how we colour our lives.

My advice to you, is to draw the best picture which represents who you are as a person. It is ok to take, find, and get inspiration from other artists. It is also okay to learn from others. What I don’t get is the inability to create your own story, to tell your life through your art. Art is freedom. Art is life. Art is independent. Art is your story, so please let it represent you, not me, not anyone else, but you.

When you want to standout, try to bring out your unique style. Try colouring your life likes it is all in crayons. Don’t stick to the original script and become what is called a follow fashion monkey. The saying monkey see, monkey do shouldn’t be something to aspire to. Take the trend and put your crayons to them. Or better yet, start your own trend.

An original is way more valuable  than a copy.

And on that note….here’s a look of this Saturday’s outfit.


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