Defining yourself …

Always be prepared to constantly define yourself. As you change and your world changes, so to will everything around you. You will have new expectations of yourself, but most of all, others will have greater of you. Herein lies the pressure of your life.

I used to be so scared of life that I’d fail, that I wasn’t enough, that I’d never be good enough. I couldn’t fathom being a disappointment, a failure. And so, I learnt to push myself, to criticize, to accept that I am not enough, never enough and perhaps, will never be enough.


I was on a constant journey of what I call self improvement. Looking back now, I believe that it was more a case of trying to validate myself in the eyes of those whom I’ve felt let me down.

Even today, I still struggle with being real and being me. But it is a struggle which I will always have. I have just learnt how to manage it, my expectations; and realized that the only validation which I needed was mine, only mine, only mine!!!!

Now, even though the struggle is still there, I control it. My life is more about trying to continually define myself as I see fit and as I am comfortable doing. All this is constantly done while trying to maintain friendships, relationships and all other aspects of my life which are competing forces. But, I will keep at it. I have no choice. Life is a constant push and pull and I will constantly adapt my life as I grow and change with the push and pull.

In this world of competing forces never be led astray by thinking that your biggest duty is to the world around you. Your biggest duty will always be to you. You are the power that will define YOU.

So, as I continue to fight the struggles that you too are coping with, I hope that like me, you will have discovered your biggest achievement; self love.

Self love and appreciation go a long way into building that confidence that will shape your personal and public world. Keep going at it…. you will succeed.

But in the mean time… keep enjoying my SLUR cation journey.

Here are a few pics of my look of the day which inspired this post

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