Does size ultimately matter???

Apparently bigger is better, or so I’ve heard. I can’t truly say whether that is true, but I can say that I don’t mind trying. So, I’m attempting to figure out if bigger is indeed better, or whether I should just stick with what I am comfortable with an let it all play out.

Summer is coming Fashionnystars, yippee and it will be soon time to ditch so many layers of clothing. But before we do that, Spring needs to raise her head and with her,  comes shades, aka sunglasses seasons. Are you ready? Boy or boy, am I. This battle between Winter and Spring is really getting on my nerves. And besides, with Spring, comes sunglasses season and with that comes decisions as to shape, size, fit etc.

So, this spring season, I have decided to test out a few pairs of sunglasses and figure out if size really matters.

This year, the trend seems to be oversized glasses. Finding the perfect pair may be a bit hard to do. There are so many decisions to be made about shape, style and colour and how they can be incorporated into our everyday wardrobe. And, it’s a bit more difficult for us Nystars who are visually impaired and need the contacts or the lenses. In my case, I do not wear contacts so all my sunglasses are purchased with the intent to make them into prescriptive sunglasses. For me, having a small oval shaped face means that anything too oversized may make me look, dare I say it, in my opinion, like a bulged eyed alien.

So, this spring season, I have decided too test out a few pairs of sunglasses and figures out if size real matters.

It gets without saying that I own quite a few pairs of sunglasses. My brand of choice is either Ray-Ban or Versace. My all time favourite pair are my classic Rays – the Clubmaster Classic Black RB 3016. I’m a classic woman and truly believe that you can’t go won with a classic.

My other to die for pair are my Versace. The are the Butterfly sunnies. they can be found at Nordstrom for a hefty penny. But of course, i’m the SLUR queen and will recommend a less expensive alternative.

Currently, my eyewear of choice are my Ray-Ban 49 mm Gatsby Round Glasses. They are exactly what I need for the Spring to Summer transition.

See below for pics of me doing my SLUR in one of my fav pairs…..

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