Two can play that game…

Enough is enough. I’m tired of the constant need of settling and feeling like I have to choose between want and need. I get to be selfish for once and instead of need, I’ll choose the want.

Two can play that game. Why should I be the one making all the sacrifices and the one willing to take risks and chances? Why should I be the only one pushing the boundaries of my blackness, my Caribbeanness, my West Indianness? Why do I have to be stuck in the constant battle of trying to do me while worrying about a society and environment which is made to contain me?

I’m sorry. I am looking for that privilege which I have heard so much about, which I have tasted, which I want to continuously drink from.

Why do I have to constantly make the sacrifice in everything? Why do I have to choose someone else’s passions over mine? I’ve learnt that it is ok to be selfish. Yes it is. You may not believe it, but it is. It may be one of the ways to maintain respect and gain strength. Sometimes, it’s so much easier to take that step forward and not look back. Looking back can create regret. It can make you fall into an abyss from which you may not be able to crawl out of.

To maintain even the slightest bit of sanity, you may need to let go and start over. It’s ok. We all do, sometimes we have too. I have walked away from everything to start over. I’ll not be defined by what is expected of me. I will only be defined by my expectations. And so, I’ve learnt t0 be selfish. I’ve learnt that two can indeed play that game.

I’ve also learnt to paraphrase Earth Kitt: It’s not for me to decide if someone can walk with [SLUR]. That is for that someone to decide. “Compromise? What is compromising? Compromising for what? Compromise for what?” Compromising, why ever for?

I want someone to share me with me.  I want an earned respect. I want that person who will lock away the I, and introduce the WE. It’s about unity, oneness, a circular entity.

A relationship is a relationship that has to be earned

Relationships are a two way street. In this day and age, with so many fishes in the sea, settling must not be an option.

Honestly ladies, in this day and age of so much fake love, you got to look out for you. Enough is enough and we as women, sometimes men also, need to take our destiny by the hand.

Don’t settle.

Don’t stay where you are not wanted nor appreciated.

Know your value.

Know your worth.

Respect your dreams.

Respect for desires.

Respect your needs.

Respect your wants.

And until you find that IT, do not settle, do not compromise.

Compromise for what? For who? What is compromise? What is compromising?

Two can play… and let anyone who wants to share you with you, be with you!!!!

Until then… stand out… be unique and always continue to always SLURred

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