Online dating; SLUR style

I am many things, but prudish is not one of them. Recently, I decided to navigate the world of online dating.  That decision came about as a result of the many lunch time conversations re the dating adventures of a few of my colleagues. These conversations had me curious and like any Curious George (why can’t we have a Curious Georgette???), I set out to experiment with the new (forgive me, being single is new to me and so is online dating) era of online dating.

And oh my, was I shocked.  In the process, I figured out online dating is hard, and by hard,  I mean HARD. Any serious online dater really does need a set of skills to successfully navigate the intriguing world of online dating.

One such skill which I have is my ability to sell myself with words. Writing has always been one of my ultimate passions and as such, describing what I want has been rather easy. So, in creating my “About Me”, I somehow was able to create what I have been told, is a clear, in-depth picture of what I want.

Indeed, writing this section allowed me to be contacted by what I’d describe as “BRAVE” men. It takes a brave soul to read what I want and actually have the balls to take me up on it. (If you’d like to see my standard dating “ABOUT ME” write up, please inform me in the comments section below)

Another essential skill is choosing the right photo. Pictures can tell a whole lot about a person. The type of pictures one chooses to upload can say a lot about the physical, but perhaps, way too much about the mental and emotional. It is often said – do not judge a book by the cover, but what I’ve found with online dating is sometimes the cover fully does describe the content of the book.

So,  it’s easy to say that exploring the world of online dating has allowed me to become more privy to things about myself.

Now, let me tell you about them as I have figured them out.

I believe that the first lesson is knowing right off the bat that it is okay to be flattered by the amount of attention you will receive. However, I’d strongly suggest that you keep it level headed and not get as I always say a “big head”. You must also always be aware that men date differently than women. Men approach the process, dare I say it, less logically, and more detached , than we women do. And I must reiterate here, that these are my opinions.

One similarity which I’ve found among male daters is that men will set targets. A man may have a plan of sending say 50 emails out a day with the hopes that perhaps 5 women, if that many, will respond. It may be sufficient to infer that these ones perhaps don’t read the profiles, but rather like the cover.

Another thing which I have realized is  a man may visit your profile many times in an attempt to show his interest  hoping that you will bite; biting in the sense that you will click on his profile. Then he will come back and say “I see you’ve checked me out” Or, he may hope you may like his picture or even send a wink, or perhaps, dare you do it, send an email.

Based on many other observations, I can safely say that I figured out that many men approach online dating with the idea to “try as many tricks, until one sticks.”

As I navigated the world of online dating,  and began learning new things about myself, I discovered many weirdos….

Weirdo 1… and the Sexual fetishism/ Erotic Fetishism …..(READ  about him in my next blog TOMORROW)


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