Weirdo No. 1… and his fetishes

Make that the Sexual fetishism/ Erotic Fetishism!!!!

Weirdo 1…OH my men!

Men have fetishes, crazy crazy fetishes. I’m sure that women do to, but since I was only interested in dating men, my fetish experiences can only revolve around those which I came across. To each his own; I am not judgmental and neither should you be.

Remember, always try to be empathetic – you never know another’s experiences and the reasons why they are the way they are, nor why they do certain things.

Having said that, oh my! This guy’s shoe fetish was crazy. The things that can be done with shoes, in shoes, outside of shoes… that could get my blog post censored.

And get this – it was totally normal. NORMAL, as in found here

So, I’ll keep this blog post simple… I’ll never date someone with a high level, in fact, not even a low level shoe fetish. My over 300 pairs of shoes are meant for the feet. Ok, perhaps I place one foot, whip in my hand on a muscular chest, but that may be as far as my shoe fetish fantasies may go….

It is sufficient to say that after I discovered high level of his shoe fetishism and my total discomfort with it, I did a total online dating BLOCK and DELETE.

Again, I’m not a prude but I learnt that I am very, very curious, but not curios enough to want to get to know anyone with a, I’d venture to say, borderline, crazy obsession with sexualising shoes.

Then, there was Weirdo No. 2 (READ  about him in my next blog SOON)…

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