Don’t ever get common…

and used by everybody. Never ever let yourself fall victim to a life that is not of your choosing. If you’ve taken anything of value from me, remember this; not everyone who smiles with you, is actually smiling with you; they can be smiling at you.

There are a few constants in life; jealousy being one of one of them. And in an attempt to be common, to fit in, to be like everyone else, some people get lost and fall prey to jealousy. Don’t be one of them.

Social Media has now made jealousy so commonplace, no normal, so everyday, that many are unaware that they have fallen victims to that ugly green eyed monster. It is so the norm to look at the images, the words, the faces, the thoughts of others, and in the name of free speech, freedom of expression; many find that having a negative opinion is warranted because an individual chooses to share something publicly.

Unfortunately, many times, these aggressors are literally the ones who are at fault. The ones who feel like they are above social media. That because they don’t post, or share their fake realities, their true realities, their images, their lives, etc,. that they are some how immune.

Frankly, these are the people I am wary of. The ones who hide behind the disguise of seemingly being different when the reality is they are the common ones. The ones who fit in, who don’t stand out. The ones who don’t defy the everyday, who take chances, who live, who love, who laugh. These are mainly the ones who are confined, and their restraints are the walls they build themselves.

In the Social media universe, many fall  into the trap of commonality. It has created a major unnecessary evil – a bunch of evil green eye monsters. In a world where change is constant, people are struggling with the idea of being true to self. And social media has not helped much. Many  are falling victim to the images, the fake relationships, the fake realities, the fake lifestyles which have all been strategically placed to influence.

One one hand, you have the ones who feel above the fray, and consider themselves better because they so claim to be not ‘really into social media” yet we know for a fact that they are the ones who some how have the most free time to categorically “breakdown” someone’s image, someone’s thoughts, someone’s feelings. But it’s ok, let them be the givers of the fake smiles.

On the other hand, there are those who have literally fallen victim to the fake idea that everything you see on social media somehow reflects a truth. The only question is “whose truth is it?”

And everyday, more and more, I see how easily a few weak minded persons easily succumb to its trappings. But like all else, it will be just for a time. This too shall pass and eventually, I sincerely hope, that not too many of us would have become too common and lost in the trappings of something that like all else, will and must change.

And in the meantime, while you embark on being a slave in an effort to fit in; don’t worry laughing at those of us who realize our power to be nonconformists. For in the end, it’s he “who laughs last, laughs the best.”

Smile that crooked smile, laugh that fake laugh, but remember “they laugh at us for we are different, we laugh at them because they are all the same”.

Until many of us accept that in the world of social media, we can all be anyone we want , we can choose our reality, our truths, everything we want, and until then, no one will ever be so uncommon as to go undetected from the green eyed monster of jealousy.


And in that spirit, I’ll never become so common that I forget my power in be different.

Afterall – I AM SLUR and I live a “slurred” lifestyle. Yes, I “style like [I AM] rich every day!


One thought on “Don’t ever get common…

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  1. Ness that is so true. I miss you. 😘😘
    They are just jealous and sometimes I really don’t understand what makes people jealous of another human being not remembering that we are all going to leave with nothing.
    Love you girl.


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