The fear which paralyzes us…what is it?

Today I saw a question where it was put to us to answer which is harder to do: letting go, moving on or starting over. What do you think?

I decided that letting go is the hardest part. Freedom is just at the other end of the tunnel, but to get to that other end, you have to take those first few steps into the darkness.

I’m sure that we have all been there; trying to deicide what is the right thing to do. Some of us take a longer time getting there, but once we take that first step, and we keep edging further into the darkness, the light at the end of the tunnel is a stronger beacon than the darkness behind us.

I can vow for the joy of freedom. Nothing seems more emotionally taxing than being stuck in a situation in which you are more fearful of leaving. Society has forced so many of us into these cages and getting out of them sometimes takes more effort than anything else which we’ve ever had to do.

Many times, the gate to our freedom is open, yet we are so ever hesitant to take that first flight out. What’s this fear that keeps us frozen in this episode of horror? What’s this fear that holds us hostage that even the slightest taste or idea of freedom still leaves us filled with scepticism?

Is it the fear of society’s judgment? The fear of family opinion? The fear of the judgmental stares? The fear of the unknown future? The fear of the unforeseen?

Well, I’ve learnt that fear is that thing which prevents growth and progress in my life. Once I realized that society will never fail to be judgmental, that family will always come with opinions, that the world will always be looking in from the outside; my freedom became unstoppable.

I took those few steps into the tunnel. And I wasn’t fearful anymore. Yes, I was hesitant, nervous, excited, but not fearful. Fear has no place when I’m on a mission to accomplish greater than I’ve ever had or done. Fear had no place in the plans which I had drafted. Fear had no place in the opportunities that I had created for myself. I knew that if I was fearful, I’d have been tempted to stop within that tunnel. I’d not be able to move forward, nor would I be able to turn back.

And so, I bottled up that fear and left it at the beginning of  my tunnel.

And in the end, although letting go was hard, there are no regrets because I chose to not be defined by my fear.

And yes, it’s been hard, it’s be tough, it’s been surprising, but most of all, it’s been worth it.

So, I say to you, if someone asked you which is harder, do not let fear decide your answer.

Let the light at the end of the tunnel be the beacon to your freedom.

Remember, it takes one defining moment to set your destiny. If Rosa parks was ruled by fear, she’d never have became to civil rights activist that she was.

So, find the light and at the end of your tunnel and move towards it.



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