Coming out of the closet …with a leap of faith…

It’s Pride week! Happy Pride to everyone of the LGBTQ Family! To all those who have chosen to come out of the closet on that leap of faith – I say kudos to you.

Although I’m coming out of the closet, it is of a totally different kind. I’m officially coming out of the SMJ Beauty Closet. I’ve written my first ever article to be published in print. And boy, oh boy, am I excited. Yes, I’m hoping that this collaboration will bring forth many more articles and I can get to take my love of writing beyond just the occasional article.

It’s been said the God works in mysterious ways. And I must say, I do believe so. With so much going in my life, it seems that lately there wasn’t really much to look up to. I’m a pessimist at heart and for the past few years I’ve been living a life in which I anticipate the trials which come into my life. And boy, have there been many.

I had taken a break from blogging because there has just been too many events taking place which have been occupying my mind. However, I chose today to share this blessing with the world because of the pride I feel in having been chosen to come out of the SMJ Beauty Closet.

2018 is truly proving to me that focusing on the positives of my life will help me successfully navigate all else.  I’ve been looking at the bright side of things. I’ve reached Beyond the Skai (coming soon to social media) and now, I’ve had my first article published in a magazine.

Yes, two months ago I took a leap of faith and reached out to someone whom I’d been admiring. She’s a public figure, producer, media influencer, and owns her own magazine; (please check them out). And it is because of that leap of faith that I can gladly lead you to my very own, my first ever, published piece of writing outside of my blog.

Please check out: sign up so that when the new publications are out, you’ll be the first to know that my piece is ready for you.

Come along on this writing journey with me and explore SMJ Beauty Closet as we navigate the world of beauty and fashion together.





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