Being in love with the idea of love

Is there such a thing as loving too hard? And if so, who is the loser in this situation – the person who loves too hard, or the one who is too unaware to see the gift given?

This is a question which I have been asking myself lately. Is there such a thing as loving too hard?

Frankly, love is easy and simple, yet we tend to make it difficult and complicated. We all sometimes over think and over do. We have what I like to call the selfish kind of love. Where we say we love something yet it is the selfish love. We love it because of the benefit it gives to us; it is never about the other person.

Can you love unselfishly? Can you honestly say that you love your partner to the point where everything you do, will be to his/her best interest first? Can you put someone else’s best interest ahead of yours?

For a long time, I  had been in love with the idea of all. I like to think that my concept of love is right, that what I feel is right. Sometimes, It’s sad that as the person who “loved the most,” I didn’t understand the barriers which my partner erected. I kept making excuses and I kept living in that selfish idea of love where I felt like I could love enough for the both of us. Or that, my complete devotion and characteristically putting him first made it all right.

Unfortunately, there are many hard lessons to learn. Most people are self centred and practice self love first. Most partners are not willing to become vulnerable and expose themselves to the possibility of hurt and failure.

Love is not perfect. Perfection doesn’t come into play in relationships. No partner should aspire to be perfect, nor to be put on a pedestal. That is the ultimate recipe for disaster. We as humans will never be perfect and so, attaining perfection is beyond us. We are people prone to mistakes, to lessons needing to be learnt, to having challenges placed infant of us. And so, we must be prepared for the unknown and we must not be scared of it.

Find your version love and let it work for you!










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