Friendship and Competition

I lose my way and then an angel is sent to free me. Sometimes we have friends who fail in their roles. Sometimes we know people who want us to fail. At other times there are those who are on the sidelines and are taken in by us, do not say much, but when they do; it’s at the right time.

I think that everyone should have one of these persons around. Someone who is their silent angel. These are the true “friends” we need in our lives. What are friends really? In our society these days that term holds such a loose meaning. I find that many women do not know how to truly be friends. Friends are not yes people. Friends are the ones who no matter what, will keep it 100 with you, they’ll support you and encourage you. They will be genuinely happy for you. They’ll want to see you shine, to out do your potential, to become successful, to find happiness.

Sometimes, I genuinely feel sad for myself. I look at my life and wonder whatever happened to genuine friendship. Why is it so hard that instead of support, I find that there are those who constantly try to compete, to outdo, to outshine? But why? Why can’t you be happy for me that i’m a blogger, a writer? Why can you be happy for me that I, though mostly silently, am inspiring? Why is it a competition when I get chosen as a representative for a brand? Why don’t you shout my success from the roof top? Why not just be happy that all the hard work which I constantly put into my brand is slowly paying off?

And then, I realize – my biggest supporters are the social media friends I’ve met along the way. The ones who both publicly and privately let me know that i’m on the right path. I have the support of strangers more than I do family and “friends” and that doesn’t stop me. At the end of the day, my aim is to positively influence lives, give inspiration and motivation. And no matter what, I’ll always be the biggest supporter to my friends. I’ll promote, I’ll shout, I’ll do whatever it takes to ensure that their goals, dreams and inspirations are achieved.


And as I continue on my journey of building my brand, take just a little bit of advice – wish your friends well and support them. A true friend will be that extra ounce of motivation and inspiration.

Go ahead, and do something for your friend today…


Until then…. follow my SLUR RULS

Continue to be “SLURred” – Style Like U R rich every day

and when they ask, tell them that SLUR says so



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