It’s not what you think of me…

that matters but what I make of myself. Having said that, I’m still a major work in progress. I’m coming to terms with my power. I am accepting that I am strong and I can only get stronger.

IMG_6890.jpgI am like an aging lioness who has discovered that she has power over the King of her jungle.

I’m on the verge of a grand discovery. I’ve listened to the great Bob Marley, to the words of Dr Umar Johnston. I’ve seen the signs like Nat Turner and I’m on the verge of an eclipse of a rebellion.

The. Time. Is. Now.

Time for deeper self discovery and self empowerment. The time to only think positive thoughts and enlightenment. To maintain truth to power.

And in doing so accept that we are all lone thinkers. That what we deem right or just is based on our own ideas, needs, experiences etc. We each as individuals are responsible for our own thoughts and actions and unless we own them and accept the power of them; we disservice ourselves.

Being strong to me lies in my awareness that I have complete direction over my life. I always have choices. They may seem difficult at times, but I always have them.

It’s that realization which has driven me into first realizing, accepting and directing my power. There is so much freedom in self awareness and self acceptance.

There is unlimited access to confidence which I am revelling. And until such time when I can no longer, I’ll keep living like the time. is. now.

And until that time: I. AM. E.N.O.U.G.H.

And so are you



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