Breaking Routine…

2020 – a year meant for change and for breaking routines. I did that. I started my year, almost 13 years later, differently. I up and quitted my job. I gave up security, stability and routine for uncertainty, the unknown, and most of all; for change.

I chose change. If someone had said to me the I’d have done that, my response would have been NEVER! IMPOSSIBLE! NO WAY! But here I am, the second month into the new year, and I’m living through this change. And it’s ok. It truly is. I have no idea where I’ll be two months from now, whether I’ll have a job or not. Yet what I do know is that I took a risk. I hope that this risk pays off.

And so what if it doesn’t? What is routine with no growth? What is security with no risk, no chance on improvement? A few weeks ago I realized that the only fear I have is being in the same place a year from now, not having realized any of my 2020 dreams and plans. And that fear is what i call regret. Regret of not having achieved anything I set out to achieve, of not progressing, or remaining stagnant.

And so, I broke routine. For a chance at more, at something different, at not having regrets, of not achieving. I am a planner and as such I’ve always taken chances. However, this is the first time i’ve jumped in head first without a sure back up plan. Fear is not in my vocabulary these days. I’m employable, I’m skilled, i have an education that I can fall back on and be easily self employed.

But I want more. I’m about to follow my passion and focus more on what moves me. I. AM. AN. ARTIST.



That is my passion.

So I broke routine to follow a passion… so what now? Where to? How do I jump further into an abyss of the unknown of change?

So many would like to see me fail…but like the Phoenix, I always rise – silently, I continue to walk a path created by me. So… as I navigate this change, I hope you take the journeys with me through my blog… until then,

what don’t you Break Routine…and see where it will take you…


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