My ass needs wiping …

Too! Yes it does! Today, the WHO declared the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as we call it, a pandemic! Prior to that, people were already anxious and fearful. And today became the day I joined them. Like me, you may have heard about the grocery store fights over hand sanitizers and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper.... Continue Reading →

Versace Blonde…

What do Versace, blonde hair, and a black girl have in common? Definitely not the same tax bracket, but just a simple love for gold and flair. That was me today, in my dark Versace eyewear, my blonde wig and my black girl attitude. I am a sucker for simplicity and this outfit spoke to... Continue Reading →

SLURred like a BOSS

It's HERE -!Finally, I've taken that official unofficial step of providing to you my style on a budget. It is definitely not for everyone - we all can't afford designer duds, our styles are different, but many of us are in the same tax bracket of affordability. You truly do not have to spend... Continue Reading →

Covid Scare…and the real TRUTH…

The one your friends won’t tell you about! How scared are you that you’re going to catch that dreaded Coronavirus? Extremely ScaredSomewhat ScaredJust a Little However you rate it measure your degree of being scared, rest assured that the virus is not out to get you. The chances of contracting the virus 🦠 is limited... Continue Reading →

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