Covid Scare…and the real TRUTH…

The one your friends won’t tell you about!

How scared are you that you’re going to catch that dreaded Coronavirus?

  • Extremely Scared
  • Somewhat Scared
  • Just a Little

However you rate it measure your degree of being scared, rest assured that the virus is not out to get you. The chances of contracting the virus 🦠 is limited and circumstances vary.

Scarily, youR chances of getting injured in a car accident is many times higher than you are of contracting COVID.

I’m no doctor but I can attest to the fact that a racist stereotyping attitude will not protect you.

Paranoia that every Asian person is contagious will not protect you.

Not dining out at Asian restaurants will not protect you.

What will protect you is caution; taking precautionary steps to keeping sanitized. Wash your hands, sneeze in a tissue and toss it out, wash your hands, use sanitizer and again WASH YOUR HANDS.

Remember your paranoia won’t protect you. Be vigilant and exercise discretion.

And no, don’t call me an ask if you will be quarantined for 14 days once you step out the plane.

And no, Coronavirus is not just around the corner! I did not see it nor do I know where it lives.

yes, it’s in Toronto but again…I have not seen it, don’t know what it looks like nor donInknow who has it or who will get it.

Again, exercise precautions and be warming of the mask you use to protect against the alleged fear of contracting the virus. Don’t use it as another tool of perpetuating your stereotypical views…

And with that said… I AM NOT AN EXPERT, I’m just SLUR.

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