SLURred like a BOSS

It’s HERE –!
Finally, I’ve taken that official unofficial step of providing to you my style on a budget. It is definitely not for everyone – we all can’t afford designer duds, our styles are different, but many of us are in the same tax bracket of affordability.

You truly do not have to spend like a boss to be a boss. Clothing is about truly about mood and comfort. There are days when I want to be what I refer to as “vavavoom” while other days, I just want to crawl back under the covers. Those are the days where, effort is limited and although I can’t, I wish that I had the option of wear slacks of leggings to work.

But whatever the case may be, my fashion is definitely in tuned with my mood. I love fashion. my style bothers on a little drama with lots of uniqueness. I truly go for cofort – not for style, but unique comfort. Many days I love an old school blazer with slacks. Others – a nice clasic work blazer with a pencil skirt. Then, there are days when i’ve worn denim shorts, a tee and a bright blazer to the office.

Fashion really depends on my feelings. I go to fashion colour is black. All black, somber yet, I feel powered up, like a boss, in charge. I like being in charged and in control. It defines who I am. I steer my ship as the only captain at the realm, and so my clothes have to make a statement. It’s not about being the best dressed in the venue – it’s about walking in and feeling the best – comfortable, dressed for the occasion and confident. Confidence is the key to a very powerful outfit. My denim shorts and blazer are a confident combo – I’m still in charge And many will wonder “how does she do it?”

The point is, I DO – I get SLURred like a BOSS!

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