Versace Blonde…

What do Versace, blonde hair, and a black girl have in common?

Definitely not the same tax bracket, but just a simple love for gold and flair. That was me today, in my dark Versace eyewear, my blonde wig and my black girl attitude.

I am a sucker for simplicity and this outfit spoke to that. Being a mom of three can get very hectic. Between doctor appoints for last minute foot X-rays and birthday parties where I’m the carpool mom – time often gets away with me. But when it does, there’s still room to my SLURred fits.

On Saturday, I opted into the gingham trend with my jacket, shoes and bag. It was of course not planned, and very very, last minute. What took a lot of time was my hair of the day choice.

I know, I know. Not many women can claim to have “hair of the day“ choices. I, for the life of me have no sense of styling nor am I remotely close to being a hairstylist by any means necessary.

As a result, My natural locs is my go to style of choice. When I transitioned from braids back to my coils, I felt like I had forgotten how to style them. So, in between running around to the doctor, grocery store and gift shopping…time ran away with me. And my hair became the thing non grata; if such a thing even exist.

But the point is, when styling my natural locs failed, I had to do what I always did. I made alternate hair arrangements 😁

I stepped into my blonde locs and rocked my Versace specs. That’s how I can to be just this mom in the run spotting a fun, casual and chic outfit!

And of course, it had to be SLURred. Nothing to break the bank

Snapshot of my outfit

See photos here

Mom fit

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