My ass needs wiping …

Too! Yes it does!

Today, the WHO declared the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as we call it, a pandemic! Prior to that, people were already anxious and fearful. And today became the day I joined them.

Like me, you may have heard about the grocery store fights over hand sanitizers and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper.

Personally, I didn’t feel invested or even interested in these episodes of People Gone Wild. But this morning, it all changed. On my way in to the office I heard the radio host say that the hysteria is finally here; toilet paper is flying off the shelves and many stores are out.

And thus began my paranoia. At that moment, I started looking online to order toilet paper. I mean, my ass needs wiping too and I knew that I only had a few roles left.

The office cooler conversations were all about Covid-19. We debated which pandemic was worse; Covid-19 or SARS. The debate covered so many areas: deaths, age, race, culture, beliefs, mortality, realities or life vs death, wills and so many more aspects that went way beyond just hand sanitizers and toilet paper. Yet, the lack of toilet paper was what got me to the grocery store.

So, I took my post 8hr shift, tired as a dog body to Walmart. It was EMPTY. And by empty I mean that compared to the usual busy hustle and bustle of my grocery store; there was nothing happening. I was walking idly along trying to fill my grocery cart with the necessities.

And then it happened, I met a friend who was buying toilet paper and she informed me that Walmart shelves were empty and that the toilet paper isle was bare. So I rushed over only to see empty shelves. The shelves were BARE. There was only 1 skid with a few packs left. And by God, I started to fill my cart. I didn’t care how much they cost; I was getting a cartful of toilet paper.

And so I did, and then others around me started too. And just like that; my paranoia latched on to others who were wondering what’s going on, only to realize that the shelves were bare. And so, the epidemic began.

And I received weird looks.

And I just looked back because after all, my ass needs wiping too!

Tell me what you think....

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