SLURring in isolation….in my puff sleeves bolero jacket

Oh may! SLUR is SLURing in isolation. You way wonder: Is there even such a thing?

Well dear reader, there sure is. SLUR and isolation go hand in hand. Unlike many, I am doing the usual things which I’ve always done – social distancing and self isolation. I AM ALWAYS HOME; that is once work is over. So these days working from home seems like a walk in the park. Yes, I am one of those folks who doesn’t have to be out and about unless it’s necessary, and that used to be Monday to Friday during the work week.

These days, I am working from the comfort of my island, my couch and sometimes even my bed. The hardest part of isolation is finding the ideal spot to work, relax and get my 8 hours in. What I’m learning is that the 9-5 is not for me! I love working from home. One of the major perks to this new lifestyle is the the lack of commute time which frees up 4 hours in my day.

And guess what! These hours are helping me develop marketing strategies for my brand. So, you see, I get the time to create looks, both makeup and outfits each day. Typically, my lunch hour will be spend creating an outfit look.

Once my work schedule is done – I get SLURred and there’s enough daylight to take some amazing shot.

Anyhoo – here are the pics and a mini video to my look!

Please share your thoughts and how you are coping with social isolation.




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And of course, you can buy the jacket from me. I am wearing a size “S”

Bolero “Cropped” Jacket

Gorgeous Puff Sleeve Bolero Jacket



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