Destined for greatness

When I imagine my life, I like to think that God had these plans for me that I have yet to tap into. My potential feels limitless; my opportunities few and far between.

I’ve always known that all I need is one shot. I know with certainty that I’d be on the free throw line…the basket way above my head, sweat dripping down my face…mascara running…eyes burning..and I know with 100% certainty that I won’t miss THAT shot. I can’t afford to. It’s my one chance at greatness.


It’s not a dream; it’s my reality. All my years, I’ve been asking for that one shot. I’ve been lucky. I did get to play the game. I’ve got a career…I job which fulfills me. I have kids…I maybe single…but I’m successful.


I have what I need…but I want more. My destiny has been one of greatness. Some people tap into theirs early on; me, there are no short cuts…I keeping working at it. I keep pushing through…I keep struggling…I keep striving…I keep surviving.

I’m destined for greatness and I won’t be deterred.2015-12-07_07.20.01




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