Confessions from a dark hole

Not even the best laid foundation...hides depression

I’m a F*ucking Ray of Sunshine…

So says my shirt and I have to agree. After all, I seem to be the Queen of resurrections. I'm tired of asking why me, not to GOD, because I do not question his doings, but to my universe. It's so freaking confusing how we are programmed. On one had, there's the religious pundits who... Continue Reading →

Dear men, let us keep our choice

#metoo. Too often times society questions and often condemns women who have chosen to, at a later stage in life,  come forth and speak up about sexual abuse, inappropriate touching, and about events which happened to them, long ago. I have never been one to question these women. In fact, I have often, easily and... Continue Reading →

Friendship and Competition

Why is it so hard for friends to support freely and genuinely

Being in love with the idea of love

Is there such a thing as loving too hard? And if so, who is the loser in this situation - the person who loves too hard, or the one who is too unaware to see the gift given? This is a question which I have been asking myself lately. Is there such a thing as... Continue Reading →

Dark, dark thoughts…my reality

via Dark, dark reality

Dark, dark thoughts…my reality

this is a definite must read - it's raw, it's real and its most of all 100% TRUE...


The power of a single mother

If you want to know the power of a single mother, look no further than Doria Ragland, mother to Megan Markle, the newly titled Duchess of Sussex. She became the unintended hero to many single moms world wide who watched her, sitting alone, opposite the Queen, as a Queen in her own right. A black... Continue Reading →

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