My ass needs wiping …

Too! Yes it does! Today, the WHO declared the Coronavirus or Covid-19 as we call it, a pandemic! Prior to that, people were already anxious and fearful. And today became the day I joined them. Like me, you may have heard about the grocery store fights over hand sanitizers and toilet paper. Yes, toilet paper.... Continue Reading →

Love is disappointing …

Is it a truth universally known that women do not value nor appreciate good men? And if this is a truth, what pray tell could be the reason behind that truth? Do good men really exists? I mean, I'm sure they do....but do they exist so abundantly that men are justified in saying that women... Continue Reading →

Dear men, let us keep our choice

#metoo. Too often times society questions and often condemns women who have chosen to, at a later stage in life, ┬ácome forth and speak up about sexual abuse, inappropriate touching, and about events which happened to them, long ago. I have never been one to question these women. In fact, I have often, easily and... Continue Reading →

Being in love with the idea of love

Is there such a thing as loving too hard? And if so, who is the loser in this situation - the person who loves too hard, or the one who is too unaware to see the gift given? This is a question which I have been asking myself lately. Is there such a thing as... Continue Reading →

Coming out of the closet …with a leap of faith…

It's Pride week! Happy Pride to everyone of the LGBTQ Family! To all those who have chosen to come out of the closet on that leap of faith - I say kudos to you. Although I'm coming out of the closet, it is of a totally different kind. I'm officially coming out of the SMJ... Continue Reading →

Better to light one candle than to curse….

the darkness! I have to believe that. There are too many apt proverbial sayings to my life these days. And it is frightening how the darkness which surrounds me comes from the blood of my ancestors, my family, my relatives. Jealousy I've learnt is a very DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS emotion, feeling, or whatever it is quantified... Continue Reading →

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