Confessions from a dark hole

Not even the best laid foundation...hides depression

Dear men, let us keep our choice

#metoo. Too often times society questions and often condemns women who have chosen to, at a later stage in life,  come forth and speak up about sexual abuse, inappropriate touching, and about events which happened to them, long ago. I have never been one to question these women. In fact, I have often, easily and... Continue Reading →

Better to light one candle than to curse….

the darkness! I have to believe that. There are too many apt proverbial sayings to my life these days. And it is frightening how the darkness which surrounds me comes from the blood of my ancestors, my family, my relatives. Jealousy I've learnt is a very DANGEROUS, DANGEROUS emotion, feeling, or whatever it is quantified... Continue Reading →

I. f**king. HATE. you

And I always f**king will for what you have done. Today of all days, I have an overwhelming urge to to do what others have failed to do. If I was a weaker human being, I'd succumb to my thoughts, but alas, even then, they are way to humane and "tame" for you. As I... Continue Reading →

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