Confessions from a dark hole

Not even the best laid foundation...hides depression

It’s not what you think of me…


Friendship and Competition

Why is it so hard for friends to support freely and genuinely

Weirdo No. 1… and his fetishes

Make that the Sexual fetishism/ Erotic Fetishism!!!! Weirdo 1…OH my men! Men have fetishes, crazy crazy fetishes. I’m sure that women do to, but since I was only interested in dating men, my fetish experiences can only revolve around those which I came across. To each his own; I am not judgmental and neither should... Continue Reading →

Online dating; SLUR style

My experiences with online dating.....what a trip it has been

My fear of the “S” word

Why Am I not afraid, or am I?

Are you afraid?

Are you afraid of the "S" word?

Does size ultimately matter???

When is bigger not better?
Is there ever a time, or does size really matter when choosing....

The wrong turn

It's ok to turn your back. Life doesn't end. Instead, you may just find the clarity which you need to define your life and your purpose. By all accounts, I'm blessed; not lucky, blessed. I have had my share of life occurrences which have tested my faith, not in God, but in mankind. Sometimes things... Continue Reading →

Finally DEAD

I always think of you, as your only sister...with Lovd

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